City 2 Surf Run Club

STARTS: SAT 25 MAY (12 weeks)


Do you want to run a ‘Personal Best’ for the City2Surf in 2019?

Are you looking to break the elusive 60 minute mark?

Is this your first City2Surf and you want to make the distance?

Do you want to become a stronger, fitter and faster runner?

The East Side Crew City2Surf Run Club is a complete 12 Week training program that will help you to train for the City2Surf like a professional athlete! Our program incorporates the best of the best.

The highly successful program is packed full of features such as:

  • Focused training on the actual City2Surf course;

  • The 12 week complete training program;

  • Access to our Fit. Lean. Clean. Nutrition Program; and

  • plus loads of advice, motivation and support from our experienced trainers and crew.

The City2Surf Run Club includes two weekly sessions:

Saturday mornings at 7:30AM at Bronte Beach and Wednesday nights at 6:30PM at Bondi Beach.

Our Saturday session is where we will do race specific training and run parts of the course. Our Wednesday night Run Club is where we will help you to run at race pace and build your running fitness.

Early Bird Special

$220 for our full 12 week program + a FREE East Side Crew running singlet. Last year our C2S Run Club SOLD OUT!

Watch the video below to see what everyone loves about ESC Run Club.

Running Groups

Beginner Group
For anyone who has very little running experience or who just wants to be able to finish the run and enjoy themselves. This group is really supportive and will help you to build your confidence and ability as a runner. We start off with small distances and build each week – always focusing on keeping it fun!

Intermediate Group
This group is for those runners who have run a Half Marathon before, or who are good runners and want to focus on finishing under or around the 70-80 minute mark.  We focus on developing your strength and speed as a runner and learning how to run hills, pace yourself properly and finish the event strongly.

Advanced Group
For all our competitive and strong runners! This group is for anyone who wants to finish under 60 minutes. We focus on developing your strength and speed as a runner and learning how to run hills, pace yourself properly and finish the event strongly and under your goal time.


Your FREE training guide to the City to Surf..

Learn East Side Crew's training tips on this year's City2Surf, fully packed with all the latest information on preparing for the 2019 event.

View the training manual

Nervous about running the City2Surf ?

We can help you feel fit and confident!

If you are completely new to running, or this is your first City2Surf you will love this program. Our beginner group is a non-competitive, friendly environment to build your running fitness, technique and confidence. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced running groups for all our sessions so that you can run alongside and be motivated by trainers and other runners who are at the same level that you are.

Join our 2019 City2Surf Run Club and train for this amazing event with our experienced and motivating group of trainers and runners!

What does ESC Run Club involve?


We focus on helping you to become a fitter, faster and more efficient runner. Our Saturday Run Club is where you will do specific training for the City2Surf. We will focus on different aspects of the race each week, practice running the course, help you to conquer heartbreak hill and fly down Military Road for the finish into Bondi. At our mid-week training, we focus on building running fitness and speed through interval and shorter distance training combined with strength and cross training.  Each week, we increase our distance by 10% to help you to build endurance without injury.


Achieve your personal best with our team of motivated and experienced running coaches and trainers. 


Each week, we will have a beginner, intermediate and advanced running group. Each group will be given a different running program based on capability and will have their own dedicated trainer.


Our ESC Guide for Runners is your complete guide to becoming a fitter and stronger runner. It includes a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced running program, training tips, running technique tips, recovery advice, nutrition advice and more!


New and exclusive ESC Run Club running singlet.


Access to East Side Crew mid-week training and the East Side Crew support network.


Access to be a part of our Fit. Lean. CleanWinter Challenge and reach your peak fitness and health so you can race yourself to a PB!


Achieve your personal best and enjoy being part of a group of amazing runners. Feel motivated and inspired to train to your potential and enjoy the process!


Register for the ESC Run Club and reserve your spot.