Exercise + Nutrition


STARTS: 1 May (4 week challenge)

AIM: Lose weight, increase fitness + set goals



We all know how much better we feel when we have a regular training routine, our minds are sharper our moods are happier and we have a great sense of achievement that lasts all day. The key component here is routine. Routine is momentum and once we have momentum anything is possible. In this challenge we’ll commit to five days training Monday to Friday with a bonus session on Saturday for the hardcore.

Our weekly training program is structured in a very balanced way to help you achieve your goals faster, have fun and avoid injuries.


This is one area where we can make some of the biggest changes and FAST! Most of our normal daily diets include a lot of inflammation type foods. Inflammation is the cause to most of our health problems. Disease, injuries and bloating to name a few. For this reason we are going to commit to cutting out inflammation type foods for 30 days. Beside the those products you’ll find some healthy alternatives.

  • Coffee (Herbal Tea’s that help promote healthy digestion)

  • Dairy (coconut products, i.e. yogurt)

  • Breads (more leafy greens, eggs, fish, lean meat)

  • Sugar (mixed berries)

  • Alcohol (soda water + lime)

  • Decrease red meat (more veggies)

Recovery + hydrate


Rest + recovery is where all the magic happens. Our muscles grow, fat burns and our immune systems recharges to name only a few. Without it or sufficient amounts of it our bodies slowly fall apart. Our bodies tell us to slow down in very interesting ways. First way is the common cold and flu, then soft tissue injuries (muscle strains etc) and then more serious things like organ failure and disease. For these reasons we will commit to setting an appropriate sleep routine schedule. Recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours.

Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day will dramatically help you keep a routine.


Hydration is the bodies natural fuel, we are made up of it, its the first thing you receive when you visit hospital and with out it we can only survive about 8-21 days.

Breath + Thoughts


Slow deep breaths help us to rid our bodies of stress and daily anxieties. Learning how to breath deep into your diaphragm will help slow your breaths, make them more efficient and carry more oxygen around the body leading to numerous health benefits including increased energy, enhanced memory and rejuvenation of cells.


Where are your thoughts leading you? Living such busy and at times frantic lifestyles, we often don’t get time or make time to slow down and reflect on where we are in life, where we are heading and if that’s even the right direction? We don’t all need to become master meditators or though that would be great, we just need to stop, write down a few goals for the week/month and or year and start heading in a direction we will be happy to go towards. What you focus on is often your reality. Take control of your life by taking control of your thoughts.