1. A fitness crew that
    offers more than just workouts.

$19 Trial Week 



$19 Trial Week

So you can test the waters





Our circuit classes are high intensity interval style sessions that will give you maximum fitness gains in a short period. We combine functional body weight exercises with short bursts of cardio for a complete all body workout. Circuit sessions are a great chance to move around and enjoy the best of our local beaches.


If you are after a lean, strong and toned body then we recommend that you try and incorporate two strength classes per week into your program. Our strength class will help you to create a strong and lean body. We focuses on fundamental and functional movements. Each strength program is based on a six week cycle that will help to to progressively over load each week.


Our boxing classes combine high intensity cardio sets with toning boxing combinations. A full body workout and a great stress reliever.


REPS is a high intensity strength session that combines strength based movements together with cardio, plyometrics and core stability to get you in incredible shape. Long lean muscles, firm legs, stomach and thighs and toned shoulders and arms.

“Muscle soreness
is the new hangover.”

— Anyone who works out